There is various aluminium alloy panel of pattern in our factory, the aluminium is moulded,the panel of the wooden composite of aluminium,different antidetonation inside linings, can design according to your different demands.The kind that has the aluminium case at present has aluminium alloy toolboxes,official document case, computer case, transport paper money case, hardware & tools pack the aluminium case.The instrument case of aluminium alloy, medical case, make-up kit,CD case.

 Our factory whether one is it produce and sell for integrative professional aluminium alloy case and bag factory to collect.The aluminium alloy case manufactured is elegant in appearance,durable and durable,is a main other packing box that will prevail in the future.In order to cater to the need of the market, we are researching and developing the new products constantly, really improve outside of you and pack and promote the inherent quality of the products.

Characteristic of the aluminium alloy case

Case body inside lining material adopt domestic latest EVA material at present and is it answer the strength solid to compound, it is elastic and high , light , corrosion-resistant, anti-oxidant, protect and take precautions against earthquakes slowly, characteristic such as being dampproof   

The aluminium case adopts the aluminium alloy skeleton , its skeleton is aluminium alloy that is specially developed, after plating the membrane, oxidizing dealing with. The aluminium alloy skeleton is firm , wear-resisting , anti-oxidant, seeming natural has feels.
  The honourable material of case can select different colors for use , make the surface fabric have variety changed. Panel is it adopt pattern board it , ABS of industry , have density to be high wear-resisting , sharp device difficult to pierce through characteristic of waiting for to have, can also glue and shut with many kinds of materials , the case body that is made out is harder , the bearing characteristic such as being stronger.


Our hope

  This factory director has been making progress together with more demestic and international enterprises in sincere hope in line with the enterprise idea of " sincerity " all the time since one, create brilliance tomorrow!

CD box
Instrument box
Computer box
Cosmetic box
Pull rod box
Medical box
Official case
Codes case
Gift case
Music case
Bank case
Inside lining






Equipment case


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